The iPhone is currently ranked #1 in mobile internet usage in Canada, but I highly doubt that Apple’s little mobile phone ranks high in the list of most-desired phones by the visually-impaired.

However, with this concept featured at Yanko Design, the iPhone might just become a little more user-friendly for the blind. The silicone case features engraved, bas-relief buttons which provides tactile feedback to visually-impaired individuals. A corresponding iPhone app will be used in tandem with this modified protective case making the iPhone finally usable by the blind. Finger flick scrolling and multi-touch capabilities will still be accessible though I'm not too sure how those who are visually impaired can take advantage of these features.

Anyway, before we get too carried away, remember that this is just a concept and as most concept devices go, they hardly make it to the production line. Nevertheless, we’re hoping for this one.