We’ve got good news for all the Canadian BlackBerry Storm hopefuls out there. Telus has released some pricing info for the Storm and has even uploaded a new video to their Storm microsite showing off some exclusive Telus content on it.

The BlackBerry Storm will retail for $249.99 (lower than the rumored $299.99) for new customers who sign up for a 3-yr contract with a voice, data and e-mail plan of $45 or more before December 25th. This is only eligible to residents of the following provinces: Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec. Those who reside in Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island will have to sign up for a 3-yr contract that includes a combination of voice, data and e-mail plan amounting to $40 or more.

If you want to get the BlackBerry Strom minus the contract, Telus is offering it for $599.99. More pricing info will be released in the coming days and will be posted at the microsite. Now that we know how much it'll cost, all you guys have to do now is wait for its official launch.