While the XPERIA X1 is yet to become available in the North American region, Sony Ericsson has launched two new panels that you can download once you get your hands on their first Windows Mobile-powered smartphone: the Facebook panel and the Windows Live panel.

The Facebook panel provides you with an interface designed to keep you updated and connected with your Facebook account whenever and wherever you may be. It also comes with click to call contacts functionality which makes it easy to call your friends.

The Windows Live panel, meanwhile, allows you to sync and import your contacts from your Windows Live account to your XPERIA X1 phone book, and likewise provides easy access to Hotmail and Live Messenger. If you recall, the panels interface option is one of the more unique features of the XPERIA X1 and will definitely be one of its stronger selling points.

To view all the panel options available for the XPERIA X1, head on over here.