Considering that the Android OS is open to almost any 3rd party app, the possibilities are almost endless as long as the hardware on the HTC G1 meets the requirements of these applications.

With those facts in mind, a determined blogger has managed to hack the synaptics touchscreen driver of the G1 and discovered that it is indeed capable of supporting muti-touch gestures/commands. To prove his point, he cooked up this short video demonstrating this hidden capability.

It’s a bit crude, but it does prove that such a feature can be tapped. RyeBrye, the one responsible for unearthing this hidden capability, will be releasing his source code for others to refine and eventually come out with an app that can take full advantage of this multi-touch feature. Great job, RyeBrye! Thanks to you, the doors have been opened to a whole new world of possibilities for developers and their next batch of Android-based applications.