The many who trooped to their nearest Verizon store in the US last Friday became the first owners of the BlackBerry Storm. Those who ordered online were not so luck.

Due to a discovered security flaw in OS firmware, orders of the Storm have been postponed until all of the existing inventory can be downgraded to a safer version. Those who were able to place their order before noon on November 21st will get theirs on the 25th. Those who managed to sneak in their orders after lunch on the same day will have their orders delivered on December 5th. Orders received on November 22nd and onwards will get their BlackBerry Storm not earlier than December 15th.

It’s really a great inconvenience especially to those who have been patiently waiting for RIM’s full touchscreen phone since the day it was announced. It makes you wonder didn't they detect the flaw earlier on. But, for what it’s worth, at least you know that they're doing everything they can to provide consumers with a secure mobile device.