We all know that Bruce Lee is a legend in the movie industry and martial arts scene, and apparently, Nokia considers the iconic figure a great marketing tool as well having just announced a special N96 Bruce Lee edition for die-hard fans.

The limited edition package includes the N96 handset with the face and signature of Bruce Lee at the back and is loaded with rare photos of the actor. It also comes with several accessories including a Bluetooth headset and a Brice Lee doll.

Nokia has even put up a dedicated website to market this special edition N96 phone. If you don’t have the time to check it out, here’s a promotional video below for the N96 Bruce Lee edition phone.

Where is it available and how much will this new iteration of the N96 cost? It’s available in Hong Kong and is retailing for 8,788 Chinese Yuan which is roughly $1,286. Expensive is an understatement, but I guess if you’re a true Bruce Lee aficionado, the price won’t be that much of an issue for you especially since you’ll be getting a Nokia N96 in the process. If your Mandarin is any good, you can head on over here for more details.