If you’ve got an iPhone, a TV Tuner hooked up to your Windows-powered PC, and don’t want to miss your favorite TV shows while on the road, you might want to try the new OrbLive 2.0 app for the iPhone. This nifty little app allows you to stream TV shows direct from your PC to your iPhone through the power of the Internet. Aside from TV shows, it also streams music, videos and even webcam feeds just as long as your PC is turned on and connected to the world wide web.

The only small drawback to it is that it’s not free of charge. You’ll have to pay $9.99 for the iPhone app which is available now at the App Store, but if you’re not completely sold on it just yet, they have a free version for you to try out. Similarly, a free desktop client is required to be installed on the PC, but the current version is limited to Windows only. Sorry Mac and Linux users, you’ll have to wait for a newer version to come out first.

If you’re hardcore TV junkie, the OrbLive 2.0 is just the thing for you to enjoy live TV viewing on the go.