Internet browsing on your mobile phone today has definitely come along way from. Now you can enjoy visiting your favorite websites on your mobile phone as if you were seated right in front of your desktop PC. However, with a variety of different phones, mobile operating systems and mobile internet browsers out now, which phone has the best internet browsing experience? Gizmodo apparently had the same question when they conducted the great mobile phone internet browser face-off.

The following tables show some key figures regarding the different phones used in this showdown. Page rendering is rated as Fail to Excellent, while the color takes into account both page rendering accuracy and speed. Those in green are generally good scores, while those in red are failing marks.

This first table shows how the phones fared against each other using a 3G connection.

This second table, on the other hand, uses WiFi.

Based on their findings, despite lacking Flash support, the iPhone is still the best mobile phone/portable internet device in the market with a decent rating of A-. Coming in at number two is the Android-based G1 which merited a B+ while the Nokia E71 and BlackBerry Bold each got a B-. Microsoft's Internet Explorer got the lowest mark with an F-. Interestingly, some phones such as the E71 managed to load some pages (Hubble on Wikipedia) better on a 3G connection as compared to WiFi.

Anyhow, this may be a limited comparison, but I guess it's safe to assume that if mobile internet browsing is your cup of tea, you can't go wrong with the iPhone, HTC G1, Nokia E71 or BlackBerry Bold. For more details on this great showdown, check out Gizmodo for their complete methodology and results.