Call me a bit paranoid, but the sight of this phone from Motorola gives me the chills that there might be a new RAZR-trend looming on the horizon.

Motorola has just announced the VE66. It's a new slider that looks a lot like the ZN5, Motorla and Kodaks little collaboration. The VE66 sports a 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash, image stabilization, WiFi, CrystalTalk noise reduction and a navigation wheel.

That all sounds pretty good, but the familiar design choice is freaking me out. I'm really hoping Motorola hasn't regained an infatuation with the old RAZR design that dominated the entire Motorola collection the past couple of years. Is my paranoia getting the best of me? I sincerely hope so.

No word on pricing, but availability is scheduled for the last quarter of 2008 which should mean any day now.