We’ve seen the official specs of the LG Prada 2 already, but since then, we haven’t had any news about this QWERTY-equipped follow-up to the original Prada phone.

That wait is over. LG has now launched an official microsite, reminding us that such a phone still exists. Aside from the phone itself, they also feature an equally stylish Bluetooth watch they so aptly called the Prada Link. We’re guessing it can be used in tandem with the Prada 2 phone so you can control it remotely Dick Tracy-style. There’s also a headset and leather pouch to go along with this branded line, but we’re not exactly sure if its part of the standard package of accessories or if you need to purchase it separately. We’re hoping that it’s the former as opposed to the latter, but at this point, we’re not ready to make any assumptions.

Sadly we have yet to receive confirmation on its final selling price and exact release date. Oh well, a little patience never hurt anyone, but looking at the LG Prada 2's microsite sure got me interested all of a sudden.