iPhone firmware 2.2 is probably one of the most talked about unreleased firmware updates. We've seen screenshots and heard about the changes in the Safari browser layout, inclusion of podcasts in the App Store and Street View in Google Maps, but now, we've got a release date and some added features to talk about.

Rumor has it that firmware 2.2 will hit iTunes on November 21, and aside from those features we already mentioned in earlier posts, you can expect to now enjoy the following features as well:

- Toggle switch to turn On / Off the text auto-correction
- Support for new languages
- Line-in audio using the headphone jack

While I have little use for the added language support and line-in audio, I do, however, appreciate the toggle switch to control the text auto-correction. It was one of those features that I found irritating at times, but had no way of turning it off. I'm glad that Apple finally decided to address this.