While the rest of the world becomes more wary on their spending due to the global economic crisis, those in Japan apparently have no problem spending $131K on a mobile phone.

The limited edition 823SH handset from Softbank and Tiffany and Co. managed to sell out in just three days. Only 8 models were released, but due to its very steep ¥13 million price tag, we were a bit skeptical as to who would buy such a phone especially in these trying times. Either Japan isn’t feeling the effects of the weakened economy or there are just a lot of rich folks in that part of the world who are suckers for diamond-encrusted mobile phones.

This just goes to show that if you've got the dough, then you've got to have the bling as well. And, if 537 diamonds amounting to a total of 18.34 carats isn't enough bling for you, I don't what is.