When we mentioned a while back that the release of firmware 2.2 to developers was a sign that the iPhone Dev Team should get to work on an appropriate jailbreak for it, we weren’t expecting one to be finished this soon.

iPhone firmware 2.2 hasn’t even been released to the public yet and the hard working guys at the iPhone Dev Team have already cracked it to the delight of jailbreak enthusiasts all over the world. Unless Apple’s going to completely change what’s in 2.2 or move straight to firmware 2.3, I guess it's safe to assume that a jailbreak solution will be available just as soon as firmware 2.2 is released.

If not for anything else, this is a complete mockery of all the hard work the people at Cupertino are putting into the development of such firmware. What ever software they seem to build for the iPhone, groups like the iPhone Dev Team crack it open.