Want a QWERTY-enabled device that looks cool but doesn't have the name BlackBerry on it? Well, the HTC Touch Pro is definitely one such handset and it will be launched by Bell on November 14.

Price plans for the HTC Touch Pro are as follows: $399.95 for a 3-year plan, $499.95 for 2-years, $549.95 for a single year, and a hefty $599.95 contract-free. Not quite a practical alternative considering that Best Buy Mobile is offering the hot BlackBerry Bold at a ridiculous $199.99 on a 3-yr contract with Rogers.

If Best Buy Mobile or even Bell puts the HTC Touch Pro up for grabs at a reduced price, say around $100 off, then it might be a little more enticing but, for now, its price is a bit too steep to sneak it into my Christmas shopping list.

How about you guys? Is the $399.95 price good enough for an HTC Touch Pro or is it a bit too pricey for you as well?