EA is not one to be left behind the current trends. As mobile phones became more powerful and popular, they plunged into the mobile gaming scene and didn't look back. While their partnership with Nokia and the N-gage platform has yet to bear much fruit, they have now announced plans to jump on the Android bandwagon as well.

EA Mobile Vice President Adam Sussman best explains their decision to support the new mobile OS:

Android is another exciting new platform to offer customers great games with enhancements like touch and tilt capabilities.

For now, we’re guaranteed to see Tetris, Bejeweled and Monopoly for Android, and we’re hoping Need for Speed and NBA Live will follow suit. We’re glad that EA isn’t inclined at all to limit their game applications to particular hardware and OS requirements.

Great work guys and good luck on your new Android venture! Just don’t make the prices so high so that we can't afford to buy them.