We’ve already reported that some new mobile phones are confirmed to be coming Bell’s way. Here are the prices for these new handsets on the different contract terms. They’re expected to become available starting November 9, so that leaves you with about two weeks to save up for one of these new phones.

The LG Voyager, which will come with a 2GB built-in storage capacity and is expandable up to 8GB, is expected to be offered with an intro promo of 1-month free music. Exact terms of this promo aren't known but the price of the handset is as follows:

1-year: $349.95
2-year: $249.95
3-year: $349.95
Outright: $399.95

The HTC Touch Diamond, on the other hand, will be offered with the following prices on the different contracts:

1-year: $399.95
2-year: $299.95
3-year: $249.95
Outright: $449.95

Meanwhile, the LG Reveal can be had based on the following rates or with the Shimmer Kit by adding $49.95 to the price:

1-year: $299.95
2-year: $199.95
3-year: $149.95
Outright: $349.95

Last but not least, the Samsung Cleo which is another one for the ladies can be fetched at the following prices:

1-year: $249.95
2-year: $149.95
3-year: $99.95
Outright: $299.95

While the Cleo won’t come with a Bluetooth headset option, it will be available in pink and is bundled with a “new cake kiss mulberry sorbet lip butter, 15% off coupon for Cake Cosmetics, and a Cleo phone Charm”. It may not be a technologically advanced gadget, but a little something extra that the ladies will surely appreciate.

With these new handset offerings from Bell that are just in time for the holidays, I wonder what Rogers et al. will have in store for the rest of the Canadian subscribers.