Do you remember the LG KP500 that's being marketed as an affordable touchscreen phone?

While we have yet to get confirmation about its exact price, a rumored cost of 170 Euros or $230 has surfaced which is a lot lower than what was reported before ($350) and lives up to the hype of it being truly affordable. New details have also revealed that it will now be called the Cookie. Quirky name aside, if it performs well and stays affordable, then I surely wouldn't mind whatever name its called. We also discovered that it will measure only 11.9mm thin and will support landscape-mode QWERTY typing, widgets and EDGE connectivity in lieu of 3G.

The release date is yet to be disclosed, but at such a low rumored price, we'll definitely keep tabs on this baby. I just hope that the cost isn't indicative of its performance because, so far, it looks to be an intriguing device and it would be great competition to the more expensive touchscreen phones of today. It's all about getting more bang for the buck these days and we're keeping our fingers crossed that the LG will be the one to offer the best deal with the KP500 Cookie.