Further bolstering their line-up of supported phones, Qik has just announced the release of the alpha version for Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones. Found below is the list of mobile phones that are now compatible with the video-streaming application:

Nokia S40 Phones:

  • Nokia 5300
  • Nokia 6300
  • Nokia 6500 classic
  • Nokia 6500 slide
  • Nokia 6555
  • Nokia 8800 Arte

Sony Ericsson JP-8 Phones:

  • Sony Ericsson K850
  • Sony Ericsson K858
  • Sony Ericsson W890
  • Sony Ericsson W910
  • Sony Ericsson W908
  • Sony Ericsson K660
  • Sony Ericsson G502
  • Sony Ericsson Z750

Add these mobile phones to their initial set of devices which already HTC, iPhone and soon to be released XPERIA X1, and it seems that Qik indeed has plans of mobile phone domination. In fact, they're now looking for Nokia owners who are willing to be alpha testers for future iterations of their software.

Want to try it out? Head on over to their blog to see the list of devices they’re planning to offer Qik and send them a quick e-mail.

Now, more non-iPhone owners can enjoy this nifty little app on their mobile phones. Keep up the good work guys!