Looking for a great deal? Future Shop is offering the HTC Touch Diamond for an amazingly low price of $99.99 on Telus as a consolation for the delayed arrival of the Touch Pro.

Interestingly, if you visit the Future Shop website and search for it, you won't find it. Maybe they forgot to list it on their site or it's intentional, we don't know, but in case you're interested, I guess it's best to just ask. Also, since its in lieu of the Touch Pro for the sale that's on-going up until the 23rd, the HTC Touch Diamond promo will probably run the same course as well.

Oh...and before I forget, this price comes with the usual 3-year contract. Yeah, it's a relatively old model and lacks a QWERTY keypad, but if you have a thing for great bargains, this one is worth your consideration. Anyway, if the Touch Diamond isn't to your liking, they've got other great stuff on sale.