MetroPCS, a regional carrier in the US, will launch a new service called Screen-it. It's in partnership with TARGUSinfo and aims to provide users with the identities of the people who are calling them.

Similar to how wireline caller-ID works, the Screen-it does the same thing for mobile phones, which will be especially useful if the number and identity of the person who is calling you is not saved in your phonebook. T

To date, MetroPCS has approximately 4.8 million subscribers, thanks in part to their plans ranging from $30-50 a month that provides unlimited talk and contract-free services. I have no doubt that with the introduction of the new Screen-it service MetroPCS’ portfolio of products and service will become even more enticing for non-subscribers in the region.

I wonder, though, how come bigger telecoms don’t offer such a useful service. Sure, it has its limitations, but for what it’s worth, it can be a great help for subscribers in weeding out prank callers and stalkers from legit and important ones. Hopefully, with MetroPCS’ initiative, others will follow suit as well.