While we're not completely surprised with this latest discovery, a review finds the Nokia N85 to be better than the N96 validates our earlier assumptions about these devices.

We've already featured a side-by-side comparison of the two. Though the N96 does lord over it in terms of features, the n85 comes with a more practical set of capabilities. Sure, the N96 comes with DVB-H and an 16GB internal memory capacity, but only select countries provide DVB-H based Mobile TV technology and the lack of internal storage capacity in the N85 can easily be addressed by a memory card. One clear and obvious advantage of the N85 is its beautiful and brilliant OLED display. Factor in the fact that they almost look identical, the N85 appears to be a better version of the N96 albeit lacking some of the features found in the latter.

Personally, I would recommend the N85, but if the price difference between the two isn't that great, you can't go wrong with the N96 as well. However, we have yet to hear when the N85 will become available in the North American region so the advantage now lies on the side of the N96 at the moment.

How about you guys? If you had a choice, which would you rather get; the N85 or the N96?