It’s been a while since we last spotted some leaked material suggesting that Rogers will be offering the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220, but since then we have yet to actually see it go on sale in the Canadian market.

However, if you just can’t wait, you can head south of the border and get the Pearl Flip 8220 for $149.99 at T-Mobile stores right now. Unfortunately (or not), only the black version is available, so if you’re on the hunt for the red variant, you’ll have to wait for October 20 to buy one.

If you’ve always wanted a BlackBerry clamshell phone that really stands out from the rest of the pack, then by all means grab yourself one today. But if you can wait just little longer, we suggest waiting for the release of the BlackBerry Storm. It might not be a clamshell, but still worth looking into before making any impulse buys.