We’ve seen phones that tout huge touchscreen displays, massive megapixel cameras and sleek stylish designs, but how about a social-networking-centric phone?

Well, that’s what INQ is offering. Owned by the same company that runs a 3G network that’s known for their Skype phones, the aptly named INQ1 slider offers an app that easily hooks you up to Facebook and Skype on your mobile phone. Yeah, the iPhone has a Facebook app as well, but what sets this phone apart is that it integrates all the various features of Facebook into the phone itself. It likewise does the same thing with Skype and Windows Live Messenger. This is a feature that will surely be appreciated by those who use these messaging apps frequently. It’s set to be announced on October 13th in the UK with a price £99 contract-free.

I doubt if this new phone will even grab the attention of business folks, but I reckon that teens and yuppies hooked on the whole social networking scene might get interested in this new mobile phone and its integrated applications. I wonder what the other veteran players on the mobile scene have cooking to rival this little upstart. For more pictures of the INQ1, check out Engadget's photo gallery.