One thing that Sony Ericsson phones lack is a strong developer community to support its UIQ OS. However, Digia has decided to give UIQ the time to shine with the release of its @Web mobile web browser app for Sony Ericsson phone that comes equipped with touchscreen display.

It features a full touch UI and a desktop-like rendering of web pages giving the high-end line of phones from Sony Ericsson the needed app to make it a serious mobile internet device. It’s now available for you to try, but if you wish to get the full version you’ll have to cough up 8 Euros or roughly $11 for it. That’s the real clincher, but if you don’t have one of the following phones: Sony Ericsson G900, G700, W960i, P1, P990, W950, or M600; you can just skip it completely as it won’t be compatible with your phone anyway.