It looks like LG has no immediate plans to discontinue the production of their 5-megapixel touchscreen Viewty phone as they've just released a white version of it.

This is as far as the Korean market is concerned since the white Viewty is only available in the said country. However, I'm sure online retailers and local importers will be lining up pretty soon to get themselves a fresh stock of this new variant. I must admit, the Viewty sure looks sweet in white. Anyway, if you think the Viewty is still a bit too chunky for your taste, there's always the Renoir, its thinner successor, but that, for now, doesn't have a white variant available yet.

On a similar note, HTC has also released new color iterations of the Touch Diamond. We've seen a white version already, now welcome the rest of the pack; blue, red, yellow, orange, violet, purple, and brown. While I appreciated the release of a white version, I'm not too keen about to this whole new bunch of colored Touch Diamonds. Anyway, I guess there's a market for these variations because I'm sure Apple wouldn't continuously be pushing out colored variations of the iPod if it wasn't successful.

No word though on when and where these will become available.