In an amazing admission, Fido has conceded that it does not have enough IP addresses for its customers. This according to a tipster and later by a Customer Service Representative (CSR) for the subsidiary of Rogers.

The result of a lack of IP addresses is resulting in extremely angry customers who, while paying full price for their data plans, are not able to access the internet in the consistent manner promised by Fido.

"IP" addresses, or Internet Protocols, identify each Fido data plan customer, much like a street address. No address, no postal service. Bad metaphor, but you get the point.

The fix, unfortunately, involves returning a customer's device to factory settings and losing ALL stored data, customizations, etc. And according to an email we received, Fido customers are none too happy.

We were tipped off to this problem by an email from a Fido customer (thanks Stewart) who detailed his frustrated efforts to find someone at Fido to help them, ultimately discovering that the solution was complete personal data loss. More frustrating, there is no promise that such a problem will not happen again, since Fido has yet to remedy the problem of insufficient space for their data plan customers!

While the Fido CSR confirmed that they are aware of the problem, he did not offer a solution or even a time frame for a fix. As it stands, Fido customers on a data plan may experience difficulty at any time accessing the internet.

When asked if customers will be compensated for a lack of service, the Fido CSR said that if a customer experiences problems for a period of 24 hours or more, they "will get reparations." Reparations? Something isn't adding up here. Customers are paying good money for access to the internet which Fido is unable to guarantee.

In the name of full disclosure Fido should refrain from making promises that it is unable to deliver.