While we may have our gripes about the yet-to-be-released BlackBerry Storm, it does support a feature that I'm sure iPhone users are dying to have; cut, copy & paste functionality. So, how does one go about performing such a task on the Storm?

Just highlight the text you want to copy/cut by placing one finger at the beginning of the text and sliding over the rest of the text with another finger. After that, just go to the Menu, select Copy, and all you have left to do is to just Paste it wherever you want. One limitation is if the text you're highlighting exceeds what is displayed on the screen. In such a case, you just scroll the page. I'm sure this has been taken into consideration and we'll know how it will work once the Storm goes on sale.

Aside from the Windows Mobile-based devices, this is the first time we've seen cut, copy and paste implemented on a full-touchscreen device. Maybe Apple can (Copy) RIM?