Deutsche Telekom revealed some shocking news over the weekend, admitting that there was a security breach in 2006 which led to some 17 million T-Mobile customers’ confidential info being stolen. Here’s the statement released by T-Mobile regarding the current status of the stolen data:

According to our information, even though these details have been put up for sale on the black market, there has not been a buyer.

They're reassuring subscribers that more stringent security measures have now been put in place so that such an incident does not happen again. With such an admission, it makes one wonder how safe our personal information is in the hands of our telecoms? It’s now 2008 and it is only now that an admission was made. Who knows how many other companies have suffered the same fate but have refused to divulge the incident to their customers?

It also makes you wonder: do they really need all that personal information? If they can’t guarantee that it’ll be kept safe, then why entrust it to them, right? I guess we can’t really do anything about it for now and it’s all in the hands of the telecoms. Let's just hope that nothing similar ever happens again.