One of the reasons why the iPhone’s OS is so responsive and snappy is because it doesn’t allow multiple apps to run in the background, saving considerable resources. However, don’t you find it irritating when you can’t run two apps at the same time, like watching YouTube while downloading mail?

Well, here comes an app that will let you do just that. The iPhone Backgrounder allows you to continue running an app in the background. You can even add an XML code to have certain apps running in the background by default, but don’t be surprised if your iPhone suddenly has a slowdown in performance as that’s one of the possible drawbacks to such a feature. It’s available through Cydia, which means you’ll have to jailbreak your iPhone if you still haven’t done so. If running multiple apps is your cup of tea, then this is just what the doctor recommends.

As tempted as I am to try it out, I’m not willing to go through the entire jailbreak process again. How about you guys; do you think having the ability to run multiple apps is reason enough to jailbreak your iPhone?