We’ve seen the Motorola Q9h Silver before and we thought nothing of it but just a new color variant to the Q9 smartphone. I guess we were wrong in making such an assumption as we now discover that there are a few additional features in this version that you won’t find anywhere else.

The most interesting one is the OTA firmware update. Interestingly enough, this is already a built-in feature found in Windows Mobile 6 that has yet to be utilized, and Motorola and AT&T is the first to take advantage of it by developing this convenient solution to on-the-go updating. There’s also improved battery life, A-GPS, and Crystal Talk which basically improves on the clarity on phone conversations by automatically adjusting the mic and speaker volume depending on the ambient noise level.

Granted these minor enhancements probably won't make it to the headlines when the phone is being sold, they are, however, distinct to the device and could be its slight advantage over the rest of the Windows Mobile smartphone pack. It makes me wonder though, maybe there is more to the Moto Q11 than meets the eye.