Here are some new developments regarding Sony Ericsson's planned music service.

We now know that it will be called Play Now Plus and will be launched first in Sweden via Telenor with Western Europe getting their fill early 2009 and the rest of the world thereafter. Unfortunately, new details also indicate that users get to keep up to 300 songs only once their subscription ends. That's a huge disparity from the unlimited option Nokia is offering with their Comes with Music service. Launching of the Play Now Plus service is estimated to be happening within weeks, but that will only excite the Swedish market.

With Sony Ericsson imposing such disadvantageous restrictions, I don't think consumers will easily hop on board their Play Now Plus train, and with more competition looming on the horizon, it might be a futile attempt for Sony Ericsson to break into this segment of the market. How about you guys, what will entice you to subscribe to a music service?