The LG Secret in Korea has got some fancy colored variants that will certainly appeal to fashionistas of all ages. With such names as Ruby Violet and Titan Gold, I don't how the female gender can help but fall prey to the mesmerizing charms of the slim LG Secret.

If you do decide to get yourself one, it’ll cost you roughly $600 (690,000 Korean Won) which, aside from its elegantly named colored iteration, will also land you a mobile phone that’s capable of capturing 5-megapixel images, recording videos at 120 fps, features face detection and is equipped with tempered glass for added protection.

Unfortunately, it looks like these two will only be making rounds in Europe and Asia as details reveal that the Ruby Violet is headed for Europe while the Titan Gold is designated to the Asian market. No word on North American availability. Anyway, you can probably source one out through the various retail stores that will carry this sexy mobile phone in the online marketplace.