Sure, there are Bluetooth headsets that can follow your verbal commands, but how about a gadget that let’s your brain control your mobile phone? Thanks to the guys at NeuroSky Inc, this thing of sci-fi movies could become a reality.

They’ve shown off a prototype during the CTIA exhibit in San Francisco wherein an apparatus is worn by a user which detects his/her brain waves. It is then transmitted to a mobile phone wherein the brain activity is represented by a series of lines that make up a visualization. They also demonstrated how it can measure α and β waves, and its possible application for mobile phone games.

Very interesting and promising stuff indeed, but I’m not exactly thrilled at the idea of this technology being available to those who love to fiddle around with their cellphones while driving. Sure, their hands will always been on the steering wheel, but their minds will be elsewhere, either dialing to make a call or sending a text message, which doesn’t necessarily help in focusing at the task at hand.

Anyway, it'll probably take a few more years before it becomes commercially available, and hopefully by then our cars will be safer and smarter than the drivers who drive them.