The maiden XPERIA X1 model might just become the only Windows Mobile-based model in the Sony Ericsson collection. Officials were reluctant to reveal any the future plans for the XPERIA line and its existing OS. However Product Manager Magnus Andersson did have this to say:

"The brand is not tied into any specific technical platform."

The ever changing landscape of the mobile industry has proven once again that nothing lasts forever in this world. Could it be that Sony Ericsson finds the Windows Mobile OS a burden that’s pulling the XPERIA X1 down or is it because of how the Symbian Foundation is slowly gaining more support? Maybe they just want to explore other options so that they can partner the best OS with their hardware, but one thing’s for sure, the loss of the XPERIA X1 from the Windows Mobile OS camp in the future will not help the faltering status of Microsoft’s premiere mobile OS.