We’re not too sure what this device is called and whether it’s real or just a very well executed hoax, but from what we can see in the pictures, it’s from HTC and packs in one massive display.

Looking at the device info, it shows that it's equipped with a QUALCOMM 7201 528MHz CPU, 288MB RAM, 512MB Flash size, and a display resolution of 480x800 that supports 65K colors. It also looks like it has Bluetooth, 3G connectivity and runs on Windows Mobile 6.1. Pretty impressive specs so far, but don’t get too excited just yet as there’s still the issue of whether it’s legit or not. Our source is throwing the name HTC Touch HD in as a possible model name, and he could be right for all we know, but there’s still a lot left to be known about this device.

Perhaps this is the HTC QUAR100? No? Check back soon to see if we’ve got any updates regarding this undisclosed HTC mobile device.