If you’re looking to get yourself an HTC Touch Diamond, you may just need to head on over to a local US Best Buy store soon. Aside from the Cavalier, Shift, Touch and Touch Dual, Best Buy will now also sell the Touch Diamond which they have already listed on their website as coming soon. And, since there’s been a scarcity for this particular model, getting it from Best Buy would be a great option to have around. It’s unlocked and is listed to cost $699.99. You can pre-order now, if you like, and based on their ETA, it could be delivered to you as early as Sept. 29 though that's not guaranteed until the units arrive at their stores.

The silver lining, however, is that there’s no mention if the HTC Touch Diamond they’ll be selling is the one with US 3G or not. Well, it’s still not available anyway so I guess it’s best to check it out when it’s already in stock at Best Buy.