This is probably the most unique and multifunctional mobile phone charger we’ve seen so far. It’s from Brando and aside from charging your phone, it’s also a ballpoint pen.

It looks quite impressive as it averages a 100 minute charge time, 20 hour standby time, and 2 hours of talk time on a single AA battery. It comes with a multitude of adapters making it compatible with a variety of phones as well. You also can't deny that fact that it's ultra-handy functioning as a ballpoint pen when not being used as a charger for your phone. Unfortunately, the need to carry around the cable attachments that you use to hook up to the phone itself is quite a hassle and troublesome as one can easily loose it in the process of going about one's daily activities.

However, priced at just $18, if you’re up to the task of charging your phone using a ballpoint pen, this isn’t such a bad deal. All I'm waiting for now is the day when they’ll come out with a movement-based self-charging ballpoint pen mobile phone charger.