While the iPhone, Blackberry Bold and just recently, the Palm Treo Pro have been the usual suspects who have been hogging most of the spotlight, Palm has released an update for Treo 800w making sure to let their loyal users know that they haven’t forgotten them.

This update is highly recommended for all Treo 800w's as it fixes USB detection problems concerning certain accessories and the problem of completely drained batteries not being able to charge. Those two are probably reason enough to apply the update, but what’s even better is that you don’t have to necessarily hook up your Treo 800w to a PC because now you can do it over-the-air by just visiting http://palm.com/800wusbota on your phone. Of course, those of who wish to update the traditional way can still do so, but this over-the-air availability just makes things more simple and convenient.

Way to go Palm! That’s how updates should be provided!