Nokia will start rolling-out their Comes with Music service next month in the UK and the rest of Europe and Asia thereafter. No word on when and if it will hit stateside, but we'll probably learn more about it on October 2 when it will be officially launched.

The Comes with Music service will package the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic phone with a year of unlimited music downloads. The charge for the service is already included in the pay-as-you-go price of the phone when you purchase it from the UK Carphone Warehouse. While it does give you limitless download capabilities, the DRM in the music files limits playback to the 5310 only. That’s the big clincher in the whole deal, but at least when you do decide not to renew the subscription, you’ll still be able to play the tracks you’ve downloaded to your phone.

Here in the Philippines, the new Nokia 5320 and 5220 XpressMusic phones come bundled with vouchers allowing you to redeem free music from Nokia's website. It might be a prelude to the whole service they're launching in October or it could be a variation of it for our region. I honestly don’t know, but, if it doesn’t make it to the US or Canada for whatever reason, you could expect an altered service to be offered that more or less does the same thing (or not).

Anyway, let's just wait for the announcement on October 2 to find out more about their plans for this music service.