Want to get a Samsung Instinct at a ridiculously low bargain price?

Head on over to RadioShack this Labor Day weekend and sign-up with Sprint’s Simply Everything Plan and you can get the handset for just $99.99. Current Sprint customers who upgrade their plan can get the Instinct for a slightly higher price of $129.99. This limited-time offering starts on Friday and will run through the entire holiday weekend. Yeah, it might be a pain venturing out on Labor Day considering that everyone’s got a sale and thrifty buyers will definitely flock to the stores, but this is one offer that’s hard to come by so it might be worth the travels especially if you've been dying to get the Instinct.

Unfortunately, this isn't available in all RadioShack stores so its best to call ahead to verify if they indeed carry this promo. Good luck to you all, and Happy Labor Day weekend gadget hunting!