BeeJive, also known as JiveTalk, looks like it's on track to make an iPhone debut this year.

This popular IM app for the Blackberry is finally making its way to Apple’s premiere mobile phone and so far, based on the screen shots, it looks quite interesting. I’ve personally been using Palringo for the past couple of weeks, and I find its interface a bit too cluttered for my taste. BeeJive, on the other hand, looks more organized and easy to manage. Details also indicate that it will support push services allowing you to receive notifications in the background as well.

It’s currently in a beta version and isn't available to the public just yet, but I have a feeling it won’t be too long before it finally hits the App Store. Unfortunately, with the words our source used to describe it, BeeJive will be a paid app once it’s released. Well, if it’s as good as they say it is, then I wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks for a reliable and efficient multi-IM app.

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