It looks like Bluetooth and Gtalk won’t be able to make it to the grand Android launch party as reports are coming in that they are noticeably missing-in-action in the SDK v0.9 release, and will most likely be absent as well when v1 goes public.

Bluetooth support for hands-free devices, however, will still be present. It’s only the transfer of files through the Bluetooth protocol which has been canned for the time being. Citing security reasons, the two features have been pulled off the shelves until it has been deemed safe and secure for public consumption.

While I probably won’t miss Gtalk that much, the absence of Bluetooth will be a big disappointment. Nevertheless, I guess it’s still better not to release a product/feature at all rather than have it available and unsafe. Anyway, there’s more to the Android OS and the HTC Dream than just Bluetooth and Gtalk, and I’m sure, these two features will be available soon via a software update.