It’s inevitable that the BlackBerry Bold is compared to the iPhone; and while the design is probably the easiest aspect to nitpick, the performance takes a little more work to verify. Such is the case with regard to browser speed. The video shown below was done by Mobile Computer showing how significantly slow the Bold’s browser is compared to the Safari browser of the iPhone.

However, it was discovered that the Bold was merely using a 3G/EDGE connection as opposed to the iPhone which was on a WiFi network. That’s were the huge discrepancy lies. The one below shows the Bold browsing the same sites albeit now on a WiFi network as well.

Admittedly, the BlackBerry Bold is a bit slower than the iPhone, but not that slow to matter much to most still slower, but it was definitely much faster in the 2nd vid as opposed to the first video. Personally, I find that people who grown accustomed to the Blackberry will never find the iPhone attractive, and vice versa. Those who love the iPhone will never find the Bold appealing. It’s all a matter of preference and needs.

So be wary about news and info coming out putting down one or the other. Don't swallow what you read on the internet as the whole truth immediately. Do some research before making any hasty generalizations.