After the tornado of talk surrounding Blackberry's full touchscreen smartphone Thunder, our friends over at The Boy Genius Report are reporting that this model is not even close to making the hoped for 3rd quarter deadline of 2008. The speculation is that this model will require another 4-6 months.

According to embedded Boy Genius Ninjas, the UI is proving to be quite a challenge. Forget haptic, the touchscreen is more like hectic, or spastic, even haphazzard.

Apparently when you touch the screen you feel a click, or maybe two, perhaps four? And that's just one of the problems plaguing RIM's long-awaited iPhone Killer.

One unnamed source said, "Most of the people who have handled it think it's a joke."

Given Blackberry's reputation for producing great smartphones, we're sure they'll iron out the kinks and turn this model into a monster machine, even if right now it's all lightening and no thunder.