se c905To me it's a gamble. The C905 Shiho is 20mm thick and 136 grams heavy and no doubt will fetch too prohibitive a price to make a dent in the market, but this is how SE responds to the iPhone 3G. Or maybe Sony Ericsson is just going crazy. The phone looks like an ordinary camera with a below-par view-finder (just 2.4 inches), except when you slide out the keypad and then it becomes a Nokia smartphone circa 2007. Compare the Shiho with how LG has put a phone in a camera and you'll realize like I do SE may have made a mistake. It will connect to UTMS / HSDPA / HSUPA, has WiFi and A-GPS. I really woder how SE can convince people to carry, not only their mobile, but also their camera everywhere, and I mean everywhere, they go.