Springwise has uncovered an interesting mobile phone concept in Asia. In their latest trend report they highlight Chinese start-up Duo Guo. Duo Guo is selling mobile content (ie. ringtones, games, software) from brick-and-mortar kiosks in parks, subway stops, etc.

duo guo mobile content kiosks china

Each Duo Guo kiosk is staffed by a salesperson, who can help consumers as they browse for content. Once customers make their selections and pay, the content gets beamed to their phone via Bluetooth. In addition to its starting line-up of ringtones, wallpapers and games, Duo Guo recently began offering exclusive mobile content from emerging Chinese artists through its "artist of the month" program, and has launched into ticket sales as well. Content at Duo Guo kiosks is updated every Friday to encourage frequent browsing.

It's an interesting idea that will probably work well in China's 500 million strong mobile market. As the article points out, buying mobile content at a retail store might seem counter-intuitive but many consumers are wary of buying online and remain confused as to which products will work on which phones.