A federal lawsuit aimed at Verizon Wireless may become a test case for new legal and social repercussions resulting from web-enabled phones.

In the May 12, 2008 issue of RCRWireless News, Jeffery Silva reports on a case regarding a young girl who accessed the mobile networking community Upoc Networks via Verizon's 'Get it Now' virtual storefront. The young girl was subsequently sexually victimized on two occassions by a 31 year-old man she met on Upoc Networks.

A statement from the girl's lawyers reads in part, "The defendant failed to warn the plantiffs that, once access to the internet was obtained using the cellular telephone, programs such as Upoc could be downloaded to the cellular telephone which permitted the user to participate in 'chat rooms' and post online profiles... The defendent misrepresented to the general public that its cellular telephones and cellular telephone service were safe for use by minor children..."

So who is to blame? No doubt this case will garner much attention as the verdict may well set the tone of how such situations are handled in the future.