Samsung Instinct June 20Sprint's iPhone Killer may be available to Sprint customers on June 20. If you remember, 3G iPhone is slated by many insiders for a June 9 release and so AT&T's phone will be two weeks ahead of Sprint's. We expect a lot of media hype, besides that which is generated by Apple's marketing budget, which should be lower than $100 million - Sprint's budget for promoting the Instinct. AT&T will have every advantage: the Apple hype machine, which is the envy of rivals, and a phone design, which is yet to be revealed and, knowing Apple, should be awesome, among other reasons.

The Sprint Instinct is nice, and looks more like a cellphone than the iPhone, which harken design-wise to the time when PDAs ruled. Still, the most popular phone in the world will not be taken down so easily, even with a hundred million bucks backing it up.