Cellphones should be turned off in concerts, period. It's not good enough to merely put it on silent mode as the beeping of incoming calls is not the worst irritant. The worst irritant are people who think they could just blabber on the cellies during a concert you paid for and was hoping you'd enjoy without getting bothered by a person next to you trying to raise his voice above the music and the noise the crowd makes. It's not just the people in the crowd that get annoyed but the performers as well, Dallas News asks several musicians about what they feel about it.

"It's extraordinarily irritating," says Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame. "All these people holding up these horrid little squares of bright light."

"It's like they're not even there," says jazz guitarist Bill Frisell. "It's like, 'Why don't you put that away and listen to the music?' "

"It drives me crazy," says singer Steve Earle. "They have their use, but there's definitely a price to pay."

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