blackberry touchscreenRIM is not going to stand idly by while Apple move its way to the top of the smartphone market and eating up precious RIM customers. It's going to fight back... with touch screen. And that's what we thought we had with the BB 9000. Though 3G connectivity and HSDPA is nothing to be pooh-poohed about on a phone, it doesn't seem to be sufficient answer to the iPhone invasion.

The problem is that enterprise phones no longer need to have an ultra-corporate image with business-speak as its main language. The iPhone has proven that resoundingly. RIM is getting more customers this year compared to the next but at the same time its market share is dwindling. The smartphone market is growing rapidly, thanks in part to the iPhone, but mainly "smart" is the logical direction of handset market, especially in the West. So a touchscreen BlackBerry and with more multimedia features added? For a manufacturer with a strictly enterprise image, these are very interesting times indeed.